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When the sun sets the moon rises an elk mommy convinces baby to make it across the river a deer stares at me through the darkness a fox watches and waits Happy Halloween

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Things I am not

Well, there are many things but the few I will mention are: I am not a gardener, yet I continue to plant trees and flowers,                         I do not … Continue reading

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Before the storm

My hay meadow should be covered in snow. It has been an incredibly warm year.  We did get numerous inches of rain in the last few days.   I have seen a bobcat hunting here several times now. Hopefully I … Continue reading

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Blue Monday

Well, I woke refreshed and happier than ever, on a Monday! go figure! No blues for me except for the dark (blue) skies about to give us much needed rain. Loved it. Was cold and moist all day. I was … Continue reading

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A cloud

Just a plain old cloud.  Looks something like a space ship.

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Clouds and Bows

Nice storm came in yesterday at sunset.  I was totallly soaked. Didn’t have time to put a rain coat on camera, just threw a couple dish towels over it to absorb the water. Dash out take a photo back in, … Continue reading

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