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Oh Happy Day

They express it pretty well:

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Emotional inspiration

I read Stacy Pearsall’s write up as Scott Kelby’s guest blogger and was blown away . Her photos of the war were artful, beautiful, emotional. She was hurt in action. For such a young woman I was so inpressed on … Continue reading

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These Owls can migrate as far as Mexico. I find them amusing . Been watching this family group for about a decade. Finally took photos. Thier babies come later in the year.

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For me,spring means birds mirgrating back, fighting, mating and egg laying. Also means lots of work to do.  I don’t consider myself a birder.  I do like the larger ones though. I had to get up at 3 am to … Continue reading

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My brother

Just completed the American River 50 and now is qualified to do the Western States 100 Crazy crazy people

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Tech stuff

While I think itoys and androids are useful, they just seem like a natural step up from computers.  This company makes robots that are so cool, I can think of so many advanced uses for them and am sort of afraid … Continue reading

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Just thought I would put in a little tweet: Mountian Blue Birds .  Pictures  cropped to view up close.  It snowed today, April 7. I have no idea how to use twitter. Not much of a geek.  I do know if … Continue reading

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What’s in your yard?

Lookes like Truckee has awhile before they get to see their yards! And Sierra Valley is pretty much Liquid Lovely Lake My yard had3 of these but they died soon as the sun came and was hot About 30 of these … Continue reading

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