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Oh Happy Day

They express it pretty well:

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Emotional inspiration

I read Stacy Pearsall’s write up as Scott Kelby’s guest blogger and was blown away . Her photos of the war were artful, beautiful, emotional. She was hurt in action. For such a young woman I was so inpressed on … Continue reading

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These Owls can migrate as far as Mexico. I find them amusing . Been watching this family group for about a decade. Finally took photos. Thier babies come later in the year.

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For me,spring means birds mirgrating back, fighting, mating and egg laying. Also means lots of work to do.  I don’t consider myself a birder.  I do like the larger ones though. I had to get up at 3 am to … Continue reading

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My brother

Just completed the American River 50 and now is qualified to do the Western States 100 Crazy crazy people

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Tech stuff

While I think itoys and androids are useful, they just seem like a natural step up from computers.  This company makes robots that are so cool, I can think of so many advanced uses for them and am sort of afraid … Continue reading

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Just thought I would put in a little tweet: Mountian Blue Birds .  Pictures  cropped to view up close.  It snowed today, April 7. I have no idea how to use twitter. Not much of a geek.  I do know if … Continue reading

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