Clouds and Bows

Nice storm came in yesterday at sunset.  I was totallly soaked. Didn’t have time to put a rain coat on camera, just threw a couple dish towels over it to absorb the water.

Dash out take a photo back in, wipe off do it again.  Worst was water dripping off my head onto the camera , had to have my head at an angle to view my results. Hand held plus  wide ap (5.7)plus heavy rain makes detail not so sharp.  D300 28-300 iso200-400. I am ok with this.

Our first fall storm. I am so ready for cool weather.

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4 Responses to Clouds and Bows

  1. Diane Weaver says:


  2. janice delaney says:

    I love a good storm, too. But, I am not ready for winter. We have been having awesome weather here in Montana. I am loving every minute of it. I mowed my yard yesterday and watered it today. The weather service called for thunder showers, which did not happen. Too bad.
    Hold the wind. Hold the sub-zero temps. Keep the beauty coming!

  3. Julie Newman says:

    Great sky….I love the change of weather, but have mixed feelings if it means 7 months of winter!

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