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#399’s cubs

I don’t know if they have been given numbers yet. They are funny and playful like puppies.  People want to go play with them…NOT a good idea.  One is very attached to mom the other is very independant.

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Nice Coat

This is one of three bear plus two babies that I watched who fished in same location within min of each other.  It is a black bear with a black coat. The others had reddish brown and mousey brown coats.  … Continue reading

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Brass Ring-Grizzly reflection

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Brass Ring-Grizzles 2

Lets just look at photos shall we? I am sure you all are sick of my jabber. Tech same as previous page. Occasionally I would use a 70-200, or the Tameron 17-50. Nef file to Photoshop, levels,color balance,some with Nik Tonal … Continue reading

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