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I was  at the Phoenix airport yesterday. A man sat next to me and started humming loudly!  Out of tune, non detectable song.  The other guy next to him and I looked at the Hummer in disbelief!  I would have broke out … Continue reading

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Nap at lunch?

They say naps are good for you and increase productivity: Look into my eyeeeeeees, you are getting very sleepy, sleeeeeeeepy

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Just sit here for lunch

Another beach, Bandon Oregon. My favorite little town. Unfortunately lots of others think the same and is growing rapidly .  Apparently photographers and artists also  because I see lots of workshops growing there.  It has a couple of bakeries and … Continue reading

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Another beach for lunch

On a beach theme I guess. Perhaps I am missing the ocean? This is a slide show of northern Ca beaches and flowers enjoy your lunch if you are looking at this at your desk  and listen to the sea … Continue reading

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Frost Mob

Hoar frost on the railing up close and personal

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Todays lunch spot

Yesterday I took you to Kauai for lunch. (well I posted during lunch who knows when you read it) Today another hot spot. Florida keys. 2008. Panasonic point and shoot camera. Stayed in a pink hotel of course.

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It snowed

Woke to 3-4 inches with 1 foot drifts. Nice. We need it. No photos, I am stuck in the office today. :^( However, exactly one year ago I was on this beach where George Cloony made his recent movie.  My favorite … Continue reading

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Searching for winter

Feb. 10, no snow.  I walked outside early morning without even a thought about a jacket. Meanwhile snow is dumping like crazy in other parts of the world. My bulbs are coming up, my aspen tree budding.  I decided to go … Continue reading

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Lots of people talking about the giant Kodak filing for ch.11. A company who got into the digital early on even. What happened then? Perhaps they hung onto the dying film era to long thinking like many, that film would never … Continue reading

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Kodak, a few more

A couple more photos from Peru. Salt mine, all hand work on a steep mt. side. Another ruin near Machu Pichu How big the salt mine is

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