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In one day, I Spy:   Blue Bird hunting Geese honking  Lambs jumping  Cranes pairing  Mommy talk  Owl nest 

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They are back!

The Sandhill Cranes are back from their winter vacation. All paired up in their nesting areas. This one was exceptionally rusty colored.  Blended in quite well.   Remember these birds are aprox. 4 ft tall or more.                                                                                        Location:  Sierra Valley, … Continue reading

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For HJ

Happy Birthday HJ  (a little early) my city pal!

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Daf Dance for Idaho

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The set up 2

Store bought flowers, Light table, regular indoor light, 17-50 2.8 Tamron lens, D300, Gitzo tripod, cable release, @f11, 4 exposures, Nik HDR, photoshop crop, resize, borders

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First Day of Spring 2012

As snow covered mountains make this day bright , I sit and dream of  springs fresh delight (no poet me ! ) Thomas Gray:    “Lo! where rosey-blosomed Hours, Fair Venus’ train appear, Disclose the long-expecting flowers, And wake the purple year!…”

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I’m published!

Well, more like I have a photo in a book that is published! :^)  “Images of America” The Humboldt Wagon Road by Marti Leicestert and David Nopel. Primarily a photographic account of how a wagon road came to be and its history spanning … Continue reading

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Ode to Spring

I saw a butter cup in the snow. All brilliant against the bright white background.  So I was inspired to make these bright white photos in honor of looming spring flowers.  How you say?  Store bought flowers, Light box, regular lamp over … Continue reading

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Drinks, Food, Farewell

Best Margarita’s in Phoenix were had at Richardsons.  I have to say they were the best I have ever tasted. The food was very good also.  Highly recommended. And by the sum of the crowd there it is no secret. … Continue reading

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Other creatures

I showed a bee in my last post because the Sonoran Desert has “Killer Bees”.  How to tell them apart? I do not know. After my attack last fall from yellow jackets I do NOT want to find out how … Continue reading

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The tech side

Karen, my friend, wanted to hear about the settings for recent postings, so here goes. For Prickly Post: D300 camera, on Gitzo tripod, Tokina 11-16 2.8 lens f@16, 1/60s, iso 200 tiny bit of fill  flash w/sb900 cannot remember the settings.  -2 I … Continue reading

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A few creatures from the desert

Sonoran Desert Museum and National Park:

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The females

I liked the females the best. Very busy feeding babies, fighting anything near their nest, constantly hunting. Extending far more energy than the males. Personable.

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A few more males . Amazing how the iridescence can blink on and off in a flash

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Sonoran Desert Museum

Attended a humming-bird walk. Only 4 people nice! They have them before the museum opens in the humming-bird aviary. I admit I missed much of the talk as I was shooting photos and enthralled.  The woman opened up a jar of tiny fruit flies, could barely see … Continue reading

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Coopers hawk?

We ID’d this bird as a Coopers. It’s tail was very rounded when flying. You expert birders out there, are we right?  Juvenile Coopers?  Sharp Shinned? Grey Harrier?  Rather slim, not real big.   Harrasing the hummingbirds and bird feeders. agile. Eye … Continue reading

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Prickly stuff

Sonoran desert:  I  decided to go out for a “before sunrise” walk.  I had an idea of something I wanted to shoot but could not find it before the sun rose.  Felt good to walk in the early cool air anyway.  … Continue reading

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