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full Bellies

Now that we have full bellies and given much thanks here is another sort of full belly to give us much thought via MIDWAY – film trailer.

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Sunset at the Hills

Sunset when I arrived to my Alabama Hills camp day 2, Lone Pine Ca. Looking towards the west and the north. I should have made a panorama. Nice lipstick shade?

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The Arch

When people go to the Alabama Hills they all want to shoot these arches.   I was in a screaming sand storm for sunrise shoot so spent very little time there. Like 3 clicks of my camera and that was it.   AND I … Continue reading

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If you check your emails early in the morning….good morning! This is Mt. Whitney at sunrise (you know, tallest Mt. in lower 48) There are numerous ways to get to the top. Trail, scree off trail or vertical climbs. Zoomed … Continue reading

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Alabama Hills

I had the pleasure of shooting a Big Horn Sheep capture recently. My camp was in the Alabama Hills which I enjoyed tremendously. This is the location all the old western movies were made. Unfortunately, I only had a few mins of … Continue reading

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Amazing birds

These Sandhill cranes number in the thousands. Both Greater and Lesser.  Some migrate down from Alaska some just from N. Ca. The Greaters are as tall as I am! (5-6 ft) Imagine standing next to one!!!  And can jump as far … Continue reading

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A day with Alberto

My friend Karen and I visited Alberto Palleroni’s newborn saluki puppies and then took one of his Falcons out to the desert for a flight. I had no idea there were so many technical terms in Falconry. It was very intriging … Continue reading

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An invite

My friend Pat Neeley (shout out!) is a wildlife shooter also. She has a show coming up and due to the fact both her cameras ended up in service she didn’t have enough new work to fill the walls. So … Continue reading

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Pheasant hunt

I helped out some at a recent Jr Pheasant hunt in Sierra Valley. It was very popular and appears they had a great time. Lots of  happy faces after.  Safety training was the priority. Some mistakes I made in my … Continue reading

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