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Yellow-Bellied Marmot, common in the Sierra mts.  3.5-11 pounds. Cute rodent,gets pretty round by fall, whistles to communicate warnings. Lives in burrows in the rocks.   Feeding them human food is terribly unhealthy for them, please don’t.            From Wikipedia:  Marmots reproduce when about … Continue reading

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Cooling off

These Valley Quail chicks found shade under my propane tank.

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Just a pretty cloud. Been so cloudless for so long with wind and 100 degrees. Looking forward to clouds. But not fire.

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Fly Geyser 2

Here is another view of the geyser .

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FLy Geyser

Fly Geyser is a very interesting place in Nevada.  Lots of people go here to photo if they can get permission to get on the property.  I can’t remember if I have already posted these!  if so enjoy again. What … Continue reading

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I am so busy!

Just letting you know I am alive and haven’t forgotten you!  Been overwhelmingly busy and the heat is killing me, no fun, zip, zilch,nada, nutten but work work work.                       I”ll get a life back soon.      I hope.       My dogs hate me.  These are … Continue reading

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