Fog or steam?

The sun came out on the Pacific Rim National Park BC beaches and steam began to rise from sand. Created this effect. Amazing. From blue skies to this in mins.Fog

I was looking for coastal wolves who been feeding on this whale (thats a juvi Bald Eagle). Whale looks like it was cut by propellersFog2

I did find tracks….as big or little bigger than my feet.  Was fun to follow the tracks to see what their story told. Eat, poop, drink, rest, check bird nests. Hmmm…like my life lol.Wolf track

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Who’s this??

OOOOOhhh,  Mr. Bared Owl.  The robins not happy to see him! Tweedsmuir Park BC. Shot at 3200, 5000, and 10,000 iso. 80-400 and 500 lens.  I could have left the photosdarker but wanted you to see the feather details.Bared Owl2Bared Owl4Bared Owl3


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And this is…

Orange Crowned Warbler

an Orange-Crowned Warbler! Hard to ID, but done through sound and finally a photo. Not a great photo..This is for my birding friends.Orange Crowned Warble2r


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Pacific Rim National Park, BC

Sun set on one of the beaches from the campground. This is rain forest country.  Dispite that saw plenty of sun .Pacific Rim Park

Pacific Rim Park2

Pacific Rim Park3

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Woody Wood Pecker

This Pileated Woodpecker is where the cartoon drawings come from. And I think a few hair doos too!! Pileated2



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Close up

My walk around lens is an 80-400 on a d500 nikon.  I love this set up and use it for everything!  This flower caught my eye. Just out walking near Bella Coola BC.Bella Flower


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So I thought about this site..nice and shadyCamp

Ok look closer…I lightened the photo..see that dark shadow mid right?? Occupied!!Camp2

He likes to lay on his belly eating dandelions and drags himself along til he needs to get up for new spot . Funny watching him scoot along.Black Bear laying

he is a good looking laid back sort of guy, Black Bear Tweedsmuir Park, British Colombia.Black Bear teeth

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