Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!       Hope everyone is  having a cozy winter. (Above is a Veridian Flycatcher, phone photo of the back of my camera.)

My computer died the slow death. It was very old. Surprised it lasted 13 yrs.  So I will be posting phone photos til I get it replaced. Who knows when that will be. I am in Tuscon Az area and yes had some freezing nights. A little more south east, while I was photographing cranes, the nights there were 15 degrees! A bit hard on the water lines. I was camped in a few areas where the jaguar has been seen but alas I have not. (Parker Lake) I did meet someone who has seen 3 adults and one youngster. Lucky man!



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The Fox withthe  Jaw issue. This fox was relocated as it was begging in town. I met it at a rest stop…still begging. I wonder how it got its jaw issue. Did someone kick it in the mouth? was it born this way? Fight? Guess I will never know. He tried to act like a youngster, wooing me to feed him.

Fox tail

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Foxes n Hare

This fox had a jaw issue. Broken at one time?

Fox w tooth

Another fox another day

Fox in flowers


Snow Shoe Hare

Snow Shoe Hare

dang mosquitoes!

Snow Shoe Hare 2

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Varied Thrush

All through out the north west I heard these birds in the deep woods. Sounds like a whistle at a basketball game. Each a bit different.  Again…I hope I haven’t publised this already. Was really hard to get one up close. Taken near Squamish, British Colombia.

Varied Thrush

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Dog # 1

I can’t remember if I have posted this. She is getting very old. Almost 16 .


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Chilkoot Lake, Haines, Alaska

Campground is above to the left out of scene. Hard place to leave! That is Speedy’s youngster bottom next to rock. Phone photo. Weather has been 64 to 70. Sorry for all you in the 100’s.


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Meet Speedy the griz

She is about 300 maybe 350 lbs has big feet, not a large bearSpeedy4

She is pretty complacientSpeedy5

Sports jewlery used to wear a tracking collar Speedy

Thinks she is the sexy Queen of the Chilkoot river which is only 1.5 miles long. She will clear out every fisherman or other bear on it but doesn’t seem to mind anyone with out a fishing pole or fishing gearSpeedy2

But this is her true self……at least to me…not to anyone else, lol. She has walked through my camp everyday. Has seen me with my dogs talking to others with their dogs. she has been 30 ft or closer to many people.  Well mannered knows the rules. Unlike her kicked off trouble maker twins who were seen ripping apart a bunch of life jackets this morning. Or the nervous and very dangerous mom with new this year cub.Speedy3

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