The Rest of the Story

continued last post:

So there they are 399 hot on Blondes heels…


Sometime about now the people next to me panic, fearing the bears would run us over. A lady screaches and comes close to knocking me over. I am telling them to be quiet and stand still, a law enforcement officers then tells everyone the same thing. They eventually stop to catch their breaths. 399 could have easily bit Blonde. But she just wanted the hussy to go into the hills and keep the males away from her cub. After more figure 8 running in front of us Blonde leaves and 399 stands to get a sniff to see where her baby is. Law enforcement officer has his bear spray out. This is the dangerous time of the senario for sure. She goes off back to where she last saw her cub totally stressed out and sniffs her way back past us and into the woods where we last saw him go.


And out she comes from the woods, looks like they both cooled off in a puddle.

Sadly the drama doesn’t end happily here…



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Mid day drama

Blonde is out grazing minding her own business on a nice afternoon.

She lost her cub to a boar last fall, so now she is in estrus.

399 from a long ways off smells her and comes in looking with an attitude

399 looking for Blonde.jpg

Sudenly Blonde bursts out of the willows with 399 in hot pursut , the cub bawling like crazy we could hear the bears breathing heavy

People are getting their memory cards full (the blur on the right is a guy)


399 is closing in! She is so much more bigger than Blonde!


to be continued…….

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White out

One spring squall:

Spring Thaw.jpg

Tetons, May 2016, 399 and coy. I loved this moment all quiet with it snowing, can barely see.

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Just another Bryce photo

There must be millions of the same no doubt. I hiked the trail oncelong ago in second photo that was very interesting. Was very rainy and chilly the day I breezed through just recently.

Bryce, Utah




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Apple season

everyone enjoying a good  apple, doubt they will pay though


Capitol Reef campground Utah

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To Infinity and Beyond!

Yes, I have been swirling in space…


night sky Utah

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Hello There!

Hello There

Long time no see! This Pine Marten reminded me of that. He was in my camp in the Rocky Mts of Colorado.

To catch up, I left the Tetons and camped on the edges of most of the wilderness areas that surrounded the Tetons and Yellowstone. Then I moseyed down to Colorado. Boy is Colorado crowded!  I took a time out from blogging and had/have very little communication due to lack of wifi or cell or electric. Camping as remotely as my rig will allow me.

But will fill you all in with a few photos from where I left you in the Tetons on next few posts.

Hello There2

He had a soft growl and bark like a dog and a purr like a cat. They like to eat birds, voles, mice, seeds, eggs, squirrles,  insects and even rabbits. Whatever they can find. About the size of a small cat. Very agile in the trees.  Weasle family.




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