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Dogs too

While in the Tetons it is not just about the wild creatures. My friends brought their cute as heck pooches along. They were checking me out while their owners and I were talking in the rain waiting for kit foxes. … Continue reading

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Using Models

When you ask for a model to do a shoot, besure to arrange the date to be BEFORE the big weekend party. if you arrange for the monday after….they show up a mess….;^) Party Girl all the way…

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Went hunting in the desert yesterday. Brody the Pug came along.  He is all guy. And total cutness.  

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She’s not fat

Just fluffy

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Let it snow!

We like snow

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Dogs on leash in the city

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Dogs on leash in NYC

I am fond of this breed.

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Meet Brunoe

Classic!   Brunoe is the dog… of course. They do look alike no?

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Dogs at the Met


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Who’s a pretty??

Me! Me! Me! (I have no idea who this dog is but it was sure cute and fun to play with @ Reno Dog Show)

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Reno, Nv Dog Show more

My friend Lauren Chen handling Hunter, owned by Karen Chen posing with the judge (sorry didn’t get his name) for the photographer Vicky Cook.  Hunter won his second major here.  He is a smooth coated Saluki and a hunting dog … Continue reading

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Two Salukis

Susan and Gary’s…Vevay and Shay in the setting sun light

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Dog # 1

She is my best model really

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Missed opportunities

How many times have you missed a moment?  Giving that dollar bill to a person on the corner, filming your babies first step, a photo of a friends laughter?  I miss things all the time and sometimes regret it. This weekend was … Continue reading

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Just fooling around

My friend brought my dogs some scarves from Morocco.  Thanks!!   Thought I would try them on…not sure she meant them to be worn this way        :^) Testing the 28-300 3.5-5.6 nikon lens.  May replace the 70-300 . Bounced a flash … Continue reading

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Oh Happy Day

They express it pretty well:

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