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When the sun sets the moon rises an elk mommy convinces baby to make it across the river a deer stares at me through the darkness a fox watches and waits Happy Halloween

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The Rest of the Story

continued last post: So there they are 399 hot on Blondes heels… Sometime about now the people next to me panic, fearing the bears would run us over. A lady screaches and comes close to knocking me over. I am … Continue reading

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Mid day drama

Blonde is out grazing minding her own business on a nice afternoon. She lost her cub to a boar last fall, so now she is in estrus. 399 from a long ways off smells her and comes in looking with … Continue reading

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White out

One spring squall: Tetons, May 2016, 399 and coy. I loved this moment all quiet with it snowing, can barely see.

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Just another Bryce photo

There must be millions of the same no doubt. I hiked the trail oncelong ago in second photo that was very interesting. Was very rainy and chilly the day I breezed through just recently. Bryce, Utah    

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Apple season

everyone enjoying a good  apple, doubt they will pay though Capitol Reef campground Utah

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To Infinity and Beyond!

Yes, I have been swirling in space… night sky Utah

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