Foxes n Hare

This fox had a jaw issue. Broken at one time?

Fox w tooth

Another fox another day

Fox in flowers


Snow Shoe Hare

Snow Shoe Hare

dang mosquitoes!

Snow Shoe Hare 2

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4 Responses to Foxes n Hare

  1. Richard Norsworthy says:

    Great photos! Hope you are feeling better.

  2. Mark Gallucci says:

    The fox’s golden eyes are always my favorite,

  3. Sally says:

    Excellent photos. It’s heartbreaking to see an animal in distress. Can’t help but wonder if this fox will live long with this problem. Some rodents, whose teeth grow throughout their lives, have teeth that grow at awkward angles. I saw photos of one beaver with an upper incisor that had grown sideways out of its mouth, then up and around in a circle to pierce its skull. Nature takes a heavy toll of some.

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