Chilkoot Lake, Haines, Alaska

Campground is above to the left out of scene. Hard place to leave! That is Speedy’s youngster bottom next to rock. Phone photo. Weather has been 64 to 70. Sorry for all you in the 100’s.


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9 Responses to Chilkoot Lake, Haines, Alaska

  1. Julie Newman says:

    My word what a beautiful spot.

  2. Diane Weaver says:

    Wow, that’s gorgeous. Easy to see why you like Haines so much.

  3. Richard Norsworthy says:

    Beautiful lake and photo. Hope you are enjoying yourself. We miss you in the lower 48.

    • Jan says:

      Back at you but not missing the heat.
      Some good griz around. Staying clear of Ancorage and interior bears. Meet a woman whom I think is your wive’s sister!!! Super nice like her too.

  4. Mark Gallucci says:

    So pretty and peaceful. Is that one of the youngsters who were ripping up life jackets?

  5. HJ says:

    Wow What a lovely, peaceful spot.

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