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Not taking my own advice

It is official I am totally lame. I tell everyone how they need to work hard at what ever art or sport they are attempting to be proficient at and I become a total bum all August. I will blame … Continue reading

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Just fooling around

My friend brought my dogs some scarves from Morocco.  Thanks!!   Thought I would try them on…not sure she meant them to be worn this way        :^) Testing the 28-300 3.5-5.6 nikon lens.  May replace the 70-300 . Bounced a flash … Continue reading

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Hot August

Well, I am sorry to say I have been mostly hunkered in at home and work. I hope every one is having a good summer and all the kids are ready and excited for school. What has been you favorite … Continue reading

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Just some local feathers

D300, 70-200 2.8, 70-300 3.4-5.6, White faced Ibis, Barn Owl following me.

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Brass Ring-Conclusion

Alaska Grizzly Bears. Lake Clark Wilderness Preserve. Would I ever return if I could? Absolutely. Finding the cash flow? Tough. Maybe next time I will get that elusive camp site at McNeil River.  I wouldn’t pass up any chance at … Continue reading

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Brass Ring, More Puffins

Tuffted Puffin above, Horned Puffins below,     Sid    (shout out! Hope you got good shoots!)

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More than just Grizly Bears

Puffins and Mt. Illiama to climb and Chocolate Lilies to shoot, and boats to ride on the ocean,  and sea gulls, eagles waiting for the Salmon run , and  outside at 12:30 light.

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Who’s your Daddy?

This brute was the oldest, biggest, ugliest bear out there .  He is hugely broad, fat, very bare of hair, covered in scars,and  has a blind or injured left eye. He did not mind us there one bit.   He was … Continue reading

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Brass Ring-Grizzly play

Cubs, when not imitating mother, eating,or  napping, are generally playing. They play fight, play with “toys” and sometimes end up really fighting resulting in a  “time out” reprimand from mom.  The time out ends with the bad cub in a subserveant down position for … Continue reading

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