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When the sun sets the moon rises an elk mommy convinces baby to make it across the river a deer stares at me through the darkness a fox watches and waits Happy Halloween

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I need to see a doctor

I see spots!!!  Saw three of these together

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This cutie followed me around the other day. I suspect she is being fed by the property owners. Or someone near by.  The summer here has been nothing but hot hot hot and work work work work.  Now I have … Continue reading

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Before the storm

My hay meadow should be covered in snow. It has been an incredibly warm year.  We did get numerous inches of rain in the last few days.   I have seen a bobcat hunting here several times now. Hopefully I … Continue reading

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On the day of thanks

While you are enjoying your Thanksgiving dinner appreciating your friends and family and hopefully enough food for all, don’t forget to give thanks and respect for all the creatures.    It is they, who in their complete circle, that make … Continue reading

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