Drinks, Food, Farewell

Best Margarita’s in Phoenix were had at Richardsons.  I have to say they were the best I have ever tasted. The food was very good also.  Highly recommended. And by the sum of the crowd there it is no secret.  Runner up was Secreto’s. Very yummy snacks before dinner, Margi’s good, but not as great as Richardsons.. Next to Secreto’s was a place called Cupz and Crepes.  Good for a light breakfast after eating at Secreto’s. Very good Crepes.  If you are in town google any of these for eats.

And so a farewell to Tucson Sonoran Desert National Park. And spring flowers and heat. Thank you little bro for opening your home up and driving us to all the good drinking and eating establishments.  We never did go out for a sunset shoot.  Next time.

Anna's Hummingbird

Big Horn Sheep

Big Horn Sheep

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  1. Diane Weaver says:

    I second those comments

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