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Drinks, Food, Farewell

Best Margarita’s in Phoenix were had at Richardsons.  I have to say they were the best I have ever tasted. The food was very good also.  Highly recommended. And by the sum of the crowd there it is no secret. … Continue reading

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Other creatures

I showed a bee in my last post because the Sonoran Desert has “Killer Bees”.  How to tell them apart? I do not know. After my attack last fall from yellow jackets I do NOT want to find out how … Continue reading

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Prickly stuff

Sonoran desert:  I  decided to go out for a “before sunrise” walk.  I had an idea of something I wanted to shoot but could not find it before the sun rose.  Felt good to walk in the early cool air anyway.  … Continue reading

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I was  at the Phoenix airport yesterday. A man sat next to me and started humming loudly!  Out of tune, non detectable song.  The other guy next to him and I looked at the Hummer in disbelief!  I would have broke out … Continue reading

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