Other creatures

I showed a bee in my last post because the Sonoran Desert has “Killer Bees”.  How to tell them apart? I do not know. After my attack last fall from yellow jackets I do NOT want to find out how bad the killer bees felt. These creatures below nicer to think about. Never saw a road runner, and all the mammals were sleeping with their butts toward people. Go figure.

Cactus Wren


Turkey Hen

Gila Woodpecker

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4 Responses to Other creatures

  1. Karen says:

    You saw some cool wildlife and got some great shots! Thanks for sharing!

  2. G-Funk says:

    How long are you waiting for the wildlife to show up? The pictures are superb. Is that turkey smoking?

    • Jan says:

      At the Desert Museum they are up and moving about unless they are asleep. Easy to photo. Outside in the national park area, luck of the draw. Funny, smoking turkey…

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