Missed opportunities

How many times have you missed a moment?  Giving that dollar bill to a person on the corner, filming your babies first step, a photo of a friends laughter?  I miss things all the time and sometimes regret it. This weekend was full of that.

My friend and I decided to sleep out on the desert so we could be up before sunrise to run our dogs.  Along the drive I saw a huge buck Antelope, perfect lighting.  The turnout was on wrong side of the light and I choose to not turn around.    I didn’t want my friend waiting who was ahead.  Kicking myself I finally stopped at Pyramid Lake (Nevada,  it is the lake photo on your iPad 1) at the very last available turn .  Not great, but at least I made an effort.

In camp I could have had good star trails or milky way after the moon set or even the far off car trails of all those Burning Man vehicles leaving Black Rock desert, but I forgot my tripod attachments.  Even after we left camp headed for home I missed it once again. I stopped to buy coffee at a roadside trailer that set up to serve the Burning man people (54,000 this year) driving by. Indian Tacos, coffee, and a place to dump your trash.

I ended up with a really great indian taco, and some good conversation with some folks from England, SF, and Australia however it was the woman , a local tribal young gal who was most interesting. She had flawless skin and a relaxed happy face that was symmetrical and round and perfect.  She was working hard to keep folks fed, a little sweat on her forehead.  What a perfect subject. What a good story.  I never even thought of it til I got in my truck to leave. I should have turned back.  She and her roadside table was a desert gem.

Below:  Hounds ready to run, and Pyramid Lake

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2 Responses to Missed opportunities

  1. Karen says:

    Regardless, it still was a good time! Champagne under the stars, owls flying above us, dogs playing in the desert, desert all to ourselves, tent set up before dark, and you didn’t have to use your gun! Good times, don’t be so hard on yourself!

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