Reno, Nv Dog Show more

My friend Lauren Chen handling Hunter, owned by Karen Chen posing with the judge (sorry didn’t get his name) for the photographer Vicky Cook.  Hunter won his second major here.  He is a smooth coated Saluki and a hunting dog extrodonair. (ok spell check is no help). Great job Karen and Lauren! He looked great!

Vicky ,the photographer is also friend, who shoots with a Nikon D3s, still loves it and is her workhorse.  Certainly much better at the low light than my d300.  Vicky and her husband Warren go to all the dog shows and does professional photos of the winning dogs. They do a good job and she loves it.  A lot of work but they handle the dogs and poses and get them lined up pretty fast.  Good to love your career.  Me? I just happened to be sitting there waiting and thought I would snap off one to post. Not really a good thing because this is how my friends make thier money.  So not good to go around taking a photo of the photographers set up.  However I know that a photo was being purchased so I am ok here. :^) Forgive me Vicky! :^) her web site:

2nd major for Hunter

2nd major for Hunter

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