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Using Models

When you ask for a model to do a shoot, besure to arrange the date to be BEFORE the big weekend party. if you arrange for the monday after….they show up a mess….;^) Party Girl all the way…

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She’s not fat

Just fluffy

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Let it snow!

We like snow

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Two Salukis

Susan and Gary’s…Vevay and Shay in the setting sun light

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Dog # 1

She is my best model really

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A day with Alberto

My friend Karen and I visited Alberto Palleroni’s newborn saluki puppies and then took one of his Falcons out to the desert for a flight. I had no idea there were so many technical terms in Falconry. It was very intriging … Continue reading

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Missed opportunities

How many times have you missed a moment?  Giving that dollar bill to a person on the corner, filming your babies first step, a photo of a friends laughter?  I miss things all the time and sometimes regret it. This weekend was … Continue reading

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New App

I have numerous photo apps for my ipad. PS express, Diptic, Photogene, Filterstorm to name a few. Generally I go to Filterstorm if I want to do anythiing. It handles raw files. The new app, out just recently is by … Continue reading

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