I was  at the Phoenix airport yesterday. A man sat next to me and started humming loudly!  Out of tune, non detectable song.  The other guy next to him and I looked at the Hummer in disbelief!  I would have broke out into song if I knew what he was humming.  My idea of a “Hummer” is this guy below. Seen at the Cat Mountain lodge and restaurant complex outside of Tuscon on the edge of the Sonoran Desert National Park West.

The photos are 100% crop. Means I zoomed in 100% and then cropped it to the shape I liked.   The peach color is the building in the rear

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4 Responses to Hummers

  1. Shannon says:

    Cute little hummer!

  2. Diane Weaver says:

    great photos, you got your perfect pics

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