Prickly stuff

Sonoran desert:  I  decided to go out for a “before sunrise” walk.  I had an idea of something I wanted to shoot but could not find it before the sun rose.  Felt good to walk in the early cool air anyway.  I took a few shots, nothing to print out on paper but might as well share something! I had to pull spines out of my toes.  Not used to prickly stuff.

first photo is Cat Mountain and Little Cat Mountain

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2 Responses to Prickly stuff

  1. Val in NM says:

    An early walk in the desert is always wonderful! Thanks for sharing.
    Long,long ago Steven &i went there. It was before digital cameras. Somewhere I have a picture of 2 sauhuaro (?) cacti that looked like they were dancing together. Was hoping to see an antelope jack.

    • Jan says:

      I was looking for classic and distorted cactus, roadrunner, javalina. I guess I just needed more time wandering. Could not stand the heat though. And it wasn’t that hot!

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