Nice Coat

This is one of three bear plus two babies that I watched who fished in same location within min of each other.  It is a black bear with a black coat. The others had reddish brown and mousey brown coats.  Note the thickness…could we be in for a big winter?

South Lake Tahoe, Ca has many bears and many bear issues.  Some love them, some hate them, some fear them, some are ok with them.   Basically you feed a bear, allow it to get into your garbage, or dog/cat/bird food on your porch and you are giving this bear a death sentence. Why do you ask? Why not have authorities  move a problem bear?  Simply because there is no place to move it to. It would be like moving a robber out of someones home in another town and moving him into your home.  Not so nice is it?  People are TRAINING the bears to rob their trash and their homes.  Cubs grow up not learning how to forage in the wild.  They get confused and cranky, you get injured or killed. The solution is so simple yet many people don’t use proper trash containers. Some even feed them right in their yards.  This is so, well, stupid!

The bears near Taylor Creek have been eating the dead Kokani ( fish )that Spawn there. More so since a large fire destroyed much of their habitat few years back.  They have learned to live in a very close proximity to other bears (not natural) and the people who go there to visit the spawning fish.   I watched human mothers permit their children to run about and up to these bears….H E L L O…….????????  Who is at fault?  Mothers…please get smart!

I was surprised at the patience of these bears, their nervousness showed but their need to put on fat for the winter  greater.  So they try to tolerate the other bears and the people flashing lights in their faces, reaching out to them, getting in their way, running around fast, and small and yummy smelling children right under their noses.  Their behavior was perfect in comparison to the humans.  They had respect.   How long will it last?

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3 Responses to Nice Coat

  1. Diane Weaver says:

    Love this picture! and yep, feed a bear, kill a bear.

  2. Tim says:

    Great shot Jan. Love it

  3. HJ says:

    Nice coat, indeed–shiny, healthy. Oh, if that’s all a bear needed to do to survive is eat fish and just be a bear. Instead they have to deal with us!


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