So busy!

Apologies for not posting! Work has sent me from the tip of eastern sierras to the southern end.
The good news I saw fall at it’s peak the whole way. Nice!
I have helped out at a jr. Pheasant hunt, a college class teaching students how to capture deer with drop/drive nets, and a big horn sheep capture.
I also managed one day, no where near a hospital but on the boundary of Lassen Park Ca , to get attacked by ground bees or wasps.
It would have made a good you tube video as I was running and flailing and yelping and ripping off my shirt. My friend said my hair was crazy wild full of bees.
No allergic reaction…just 28+ giant welts that hurt and got itchy.
Photos soon as I get the chance to process.
Meanwhile, hope all are enjoying fall…sorry you east coasters with snow! Warm and sunny here!

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2 Responses to So busy!

  1. Liz Merry says:

    Your life should be a reality show! I’d watch it for sure!

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