Like Yellowstone

People think of Yellowstone for the animals and  (and hot pools) and the Tetons as scenery. However, all the creatures are there in the Tetons.

I prefer the Teton valley much more.

Bison n calf








Tree Swallow, so cute. I watched them everyday.tree swallow

Well, there are plenty more but you get the idea.

All shot with 500mm except for the coyote at 400. Most are cropped down. And wordpress seems to lose the sharpening. Oh well.



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8 Responses to Like Yellowstone

  1. George Krall says:

    That is one healthy coyote, not like the desert ones here in Phoenix that look like skinny dogs! Not that there is anything wrong with skinny!

  2. My granddaughter and I like the photos.

  3. Jan says:

    Oh, give her a hug from me. Thanks.

  4. K. chen says:

    Great photos as usual!

  5. Harvey-Jane says:

    LOVE the bisons–very sweet.

    • Jan says:

      They were just having a heck of a fight just prior to this portrait. Calf was being literally tossed out of the way while two females really got into it.

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