Cedarville, Ca mid day

Stopped in the charming town of Cedarville near noon time.
I was looking for lunch, a restroom and a place to rest. Looks like this dog found it all in one location.

The town was almost two blocks long .  Two coffee /bakery places! yea! I found a really great cappuccino ( pricey) in a very cool looking old building with arty surroundings.  And another merchant who had local handmade woven rugs and other accesories, watercolors, oils and local books. I like this town.  It is mostly local family ranches, a school, medical, couple stores. Quiet. Tulips and lilacs blooming everywhere.  Surprisingly it had a very interesting radio station, for such a tiny town and ranching community it was also very hip. Is that word old fashioned now?

Spring had srung so was very green for eastern Sierras.  Cedarville sits at the edge of the Warner Mts. a very beautiful Mt. range full of pines, lakes, trails and snow capped peaks.

 The playa on the east side of town was full of water . The road to Nevada splits it in two. You drive right through the middle of it.

To get there you can go to Alturas Ca via 395 north from Reno Nv, then go east 30 mins. through the Warner Mts. and you are smack in the middle of Cedarville.  Don’t sneeze.  There is a near by hot springs resort , I did not check it out do not know if it is nice. Looked new. To go back south to Reno (if that is your route, and want an alternative) you can travel mostly by very good gravel road with wonderful scenery. Go east from Cedarville take the Vya road to Gerlock. You wont regret it. Make sure you have a full tank of gas. Think antelope, mustangs, vistas, petrified forest, eagles, coyotes. And a feeling of freedom you just don’t feel on pavement.  Gerlocks slogan “where the pavement ends and the west begins”  Gerlock is also home to the Burning Man.  A whole “other” world for one whole week on the playa.

It was a shame I didn’t wait around til sunset to get a photo with some sort of feeling to it more than documentation…..but that gives me a reason to go back, that, and the bakery. Absolutely need to check the bakery and give an up date. For now…coffee thumbs up!

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3 Responses to Cedarville, Ca mid day

  1. Diane Justin says:

    Wow Jan! you have the best life. that place reminds me of where you used to live in dry tavern. don’t blink.

  2. Karen says:

    That is definitely a trip worth planning, thanks for sharing the info and photos!

  3. Jan says:

    Well, they say your life is what you make it!

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