Just thought I would put in a little tweet:

Mountian Blue Birds .  Pictures  cropped to view up close.  It snowed today, April 7.

I have no idea how to use twitter. Not much of a geek.  I do know if any of you are getting a new laptop or computer get an ssd drive.  Faster, cooler, tougher. Cost more but last longer. Wish I had when I built mine but that extra bit of cash I did not have.

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5 Responses to Twitter

  1. Karen Chen says:

    Do two tweets make a twit? ha ha ha

  2. diane justin says:

    beautiful little birds.

  3. Gary says:

    Are they the same species, a male and a female?

    whats a ssd?

    • Jan says:

      Yea Gary, Mountian Blue Birds. Very brilliant in the spring. They come through here but nothing here to nest in. Need nesting boxes built.

    • Jan says:

      SSD drive. It is your hard drive upgrade from the regula r drive whos name eludes me right now. It doesn’t spin like normal drives. Probably eventually all computers will have these. They run faster ( like bootup goes quicker, programs move faster) are cooler ( means they won’t get as hot as the regular ones and means longer life) and they are a little tougher so movement and knocking around your machine should hold up more. Probably people who us their laptop/ computer a lot and high demands would notice the difference . You would. You have a new desk top right? It may have one. I can’t remember the specs for iMac desk top. I watched a guys laptop perform some work with files going between programs and downloading files from Internet. It literally screamed through the process, made my hair blow out behind me. 🙂

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