Fog or steam?

The sun came out on the Pacific Rim National Park BC beaches and steam began to rise from sand. Created this effect. Amazing. From blue skies to this in mins.Fog

I was looking for coastal wolves who been feeding on this whale (thats a juvi Bald Eagle). Whale looks like it was cut by propellersFog2

I did find tracks….as big or little bigger than my feet.  Was fun to follow the tracks to see what their story told. Eat, poop, drink, rest, check bird nests. Hmmm…like my life lol.Wolf track

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6 Responses to Fog or steam?

  1. Maryann Lillemo says:

    Wow, what cool things you are seeing.


  2. Tim Torell says:

    Glad your enjoying retirement.

    Sent from my iPad


  3. mark a gallucci says:

    Not a bad life taking great pictures

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