I have a dear friend who is about to turn 60 and very unhappy about it. SO went out to celebrate and rub it in until he gave in and said he wasn’t that old and could still do things.

Here is the view from his yard and living room window, the Virgin river just below the trees.    Not bad….

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5 Responses to Zion

  1. Tim Torell says:

    Just a couple things about your friend. First I hope to turn 60 one day and the other I only wish I had a view like that from my living room window. Very nice image and living style of your friend. Thanks

  2. Brenda K says:

    I too have a dear friend that’s going turn 60 in April,and she’s always doing lots of fun things.

  3. Karen says:

    Ahh poor guy. Has to look at THAT everyday. Great photo Jan!

  4. ashleypaige4 says:

    So jealous of this man! Great photo!

  5. HJ says:

    I’m going to blow this up and put it in every one of my windows and pretend it’s MY view. Beats being able to watch someone’s ridiculously oversized TV screen that I can see since they built a building right behind mine!

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