Brass Ring 4

Food was as fresh as it could be.  Garden, Salmon nets, claming.  The cook and pastry cook were just fabulous and all guests ate like pigs at a trough.Grilled, smoked and pate Salmon were just killer. Couple of people swooned and went into coma over a chocolate creme pie like thing.  It was fancy , it was decadant.  I didn’t take photos of food I was to busy eating. I did get a few images of bears who came around the lodge.  I only brought my camera down a couple of times.  I forgot I could have used my phone and it’s video. New to me duh!  Many people got great videos on their phones.  I stood under the hand of the wooden bear, so look at where the head of the mother scratching  her back is.  Her cute cub had to imitate. This other bear, found a good spot to roll, she was right next to a cabin next to the lodge.  After this I will show bears bears bears and more bears.

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