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Don’t forget kids!

Always look both ways when crossing the road! These are Wy. Teton’s #610 grizzly cubs of this year.  Check out their claws already! Mom must be proud.

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Brass Ring-Conclusion

Alaska Grizzly Bears. Lake Clark Wilderness Preserve. Would I ever return if I could? Absolutely. Finding the cash flow? Tough. Maybe next time I will get that elusive camp site at McNeil River.  I wouldn’t pass up any chance at … Continue reading

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Brass Ring-Grizzly play

Cubs, when not imitating mother, eating,or  napping, are generally playing. They play fight, play with “toys” and sometimes end up really fighting resulting in a  “time out” reprimand from mom.  The time out ends with the bad cub in a subserveant down position for … Continue reading

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