And this is…

Orange Crowned Warbler

an Orange-Crowned Warbler! Hard to ID, but done through sound and finally a photo. Not a great photo..This is for my birding friends.Orange Crowned Warble2r


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6 Responses to And this is…

  1. George Krall says:

    why isn’t he called the yellowish/greenish chested warbler?? not much orange there if you ask me?

  2. Julie says:

    …and your birdy friends appreciate! Such a nice view of the lovely orange feathers on top💕

  3. HJ says:

    Boids! Filthy doity stiinking boids!! (Name the movie that line is from, and I’ll be so impressed, I may have to hop on a plane and come visit!)
    As you would text–lol!

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