Lets talk about Canada eh?

I have been in British Colombia for about 5 weeks now. Like many in US the politics got to me and I left only to find the Canadians love to broadcast our president on their news. I asked them why and many said they thought it was funny reality tv and was amazed he got elected. Asked me why.  Said I had no idea why it happened. Actually I have always planned BC for this year. However it was going to be a sailing trip. My dogs are still alive so had to make different choices so they can continue to live like the princesses they think they are.

The people are just so nice. I mean everyone has the time to talk with you and they have such an interesting sense of humor. Very helpful, generous of their time, and careing folks. Hope by the time I leave I will be a better person.

I have been spending the majority of my time in the rainforest areas of the western coast. A week in the mts near Lillooet (north of Whistler) which was very nice. Some time on the Vancouver Island but avoiding the Victoria city and any big towns. I especially liked Port Hardy the farthest village north and Tofino area on the west.

Port Hardy is a remote area ,the end of the road where you take a ferry north. I found out a week before hand the ferry was full running only Saterdays  to Prince Rupert. Then it goes to almost double in price. To Bella Coola I would have had to switch ferries and stay on Bella Bella islands for many days. Decided to skip the 18 hr ride past stunning fiords and snow/glacier peaks to drive around it to Bella Colla. But first stoped in Tofino to walk its beautiful empty beaches (some where crowded nearer to town or surf spots) and followed wolf tracks. Never saw one though. Highly recommended area to visit if you like beaches, surfers, good food lots of coffee houses and hip vibe.

Bella Coola is a beautiful area and my fav so far.  Highly recomended for its scenic beauty, relaxed friendly atmospher, quiet. For entertainment there are boat rides to see sea life, fishing, hot springs, and cultural history. On land there are rivers to float, to view bears and birds, fish salmon, many trails easy to hard to hike and Tweedsmuir Park a large, more wilderness area than a, park.  Only one road, Hwy 20,  to Bella Coola from the main road hwy 97 at Williams Lake. It takes 5 – 6 hours and 37 of it is gravel and 6-9 of the gravel is at an 18% grade.  It is almost the width of 2 cars some places a bit more, no gaurd rails and severe drop off. I didn’t think it was a problem low gear and take your time. Like crawl down the hill. Matter of fact it is called “the Hill” or The Freedom Hill. Built in 53 so people didn’t have to take the ferry. I observed several black bear, fresh from winter nap, grazing along headed down hill also for the lush meadows below. They didn;t want to go off the road either!

I am still here in Bella Coola. If someone offered me a house I would probably stay a few years. Winters are coastal weather rain some snow.  Lilacs blooming, fruit trees, gardens grow well. Light now at 4:30 am til 10pm.

Ok enough jabber, photos coming soon. I don’t take many landscapes or town pictures . I am not that good at it. you can get better googling but ofcourse I take lots of wildlife everywhere. Can’t help myself on that. I will try to keep it interesting at least.




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4 Responses to Lets talk about Canada eh?

  1. Terri says:

    Sounds beautiful. Maybe I can visit someday

  2. Joel Trumbo says:

    Good to hear from you Jan. Sounds like you’re really enjoying the coolness of BC. Its just getting warm down here. Not quite 100 yet, but its getting close. Keep the photos and travelogues coming. All of us down here that are still working get to live vicarously through you. Love to you and your pups. Joel T

    • Jan says:

      Love back at ya! Hope your humanitarian work still happening.
      Bella Colla-Hagensburg is wonderful.
      Fiords,marine life. Mammals, glaciers, and a bit to warm for me around 75 degrees. 100?? Ugh…Glad I am not your way.

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