Ears tell it all

This past spring a moose mosyed out of the forest down to water near me.moose

He came closer and gave me this look. It means “I am not thrilled with you here” and “maybe you better leave”. (ears laid back)  He was cool , although  displeased. I gave him space and left.  Wonder how big his antlers got by fall.



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5 Responses to Ears tell it all

  1. How cool, l’ve never seen one in the wild!

  2. Sue McCourt says:

    I love moose! As always every photo is killer Jan.

  3. HJ says:

    Oh, how I love them mooses!

    Mark and I have been to the Tetons about five times in the fall, and it’s a totally different “look”–big racks, rustling in the bushes. Totally fun.

    Maybe we’ll have to do a meet-up there one of these days.


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