Mid day drama

Blonde is out grazing minding her own business on a nice afternoon.

She lost her cub to a boar last fall, so now she is in estrus.

399 from a long ways off smells her and comes in looking with an attitude

399 looking for Blonde.jpg

Sudenly Blonde bursts out of the willows with 399 in hot pursut , the cub bawling like crazy we could hear the bears breathing heavy

People are getting their memory cards full (the blur on the right is a guy)


399 is closing in! She is so much more bigger than Blonde!


to be continued…….

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7 Responses to Mid day drama

  1. dweaverfs says:

    Waiting with baited breath, although I may have hints as to theending

  2. Laurie Puzo says:

    did this just happen? I thought it was when we were there. Didn’t 399’s cub get hit by a car?

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