they are dang cute


must have a nest near


Tail detail


and yup…the nest. not much defining it. I took the egg photo with cell phone




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15 Responses to Killdeer

  1. T&S Torell says:

    very nice, was thinking of you today, hoping all is well

  2. Richard Norsworthy says:

    Jan, Hope all is great. The Killdeer is such an awesome bird in the way they lead you from the nest. Beautiful photos. Maybe one day I will get that good!
    Take care,
    Richard and Beverly

  3. Anna Watkins says:

    Love the picture with it’s tail feathers fanned out

  4. Karen says:

    Wow beautiful!!

  5. Harvey-Jane Kowal says:

    What an absolutely beautiful bird! Love the coloring. HJ

  6. Jan says:

    thanks, they are so pretty I hardly take the time to really look at them

  7. Laurie Puzo says:

    great shot, poor thing, Diane said she was frazzled. Not such a good place for a nest

  8. Mark says:

    As usual, great shots, love the tail feather display

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