Fishing in Gilbert Az

He spies his prey (this is an Osprey)


He makes his move!

Going in

I miss it! I don’t stop at his impact! LOL! (top splash…) Note to self, expect impact, stop moving camera at water level

touch down

And there he goes, off to show the fisherman how it’s done

1 less fish

I miss more than I get..believe me.

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8 Responses to Fishing in Gilbert Az

  1. Richard Norsworthy says:

    Wonderful shots. Just not sure why you stopped when your camera got to the water! Take care and do not get wet. Keep them coming.

    • Jan says:

      As u know that osprey was coming down fast! I followed and just kept moving down missed impact lol duh!
      Haven’t taken photos in long time so so rusty.

  2. Mark says:

    Thanks Jan. Good to see someone having fun shooting. Its very cold here. All still water has turned to ice.

  3. Harvey-Jane says:

    As the song says…”Two out of three aint bad!”

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