Fall is near

What do you envision when you think of fall? Crisp colorful leaves? Dry air, cool nights? Wool sweaters, school books,chilly days, better weather to be outdoors?

Well I know a lot of people who have this sort of guy in mind. Wether they are a photo shooter or a gun shooter they are after him. Or more likely a bigger version of him.  This one resides in Teton Park, Wy and this was taken in the spring. Wonder what he looks like now?  They should be huge, muscular and getting ready to fight for  their harems. Bugeling  like crazy. ( a funny high-pitched sound like making a noise through a vacuum hose)  When they run their heads are held high and back like that. Awkward sort of.

My friend Diane showed me how to call them in useing a blade of grass! And people spend an alful lot of cash on fancy equipment! Ha!

This was taken late morning. Heat waves forming already. That makes it hard to get nice backgrounds. I can’t wait to see my friends photos from this fall in the Tetons!!



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6 Responses to Fall is near

  1. Great shots – its getting colder here too

    • Jan says:

      Here? Your blog says you are in Maui! lol. Wait a tweet says Sweden! Nice. On the Fiji snorkel alone…it is always the simplist accident that gets us. Be safe.

  2. Tim Torell says:

    Nice stuff,

    Sent from my iPad


  3. Mark Gallucci says:

    I remember that guy on that crappy road. He is a handsome brute.

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