Lunch Interupted in the Tetons

#610 and her new cubs of the year.  610 is daughter of 399 and sports expensive collar and earings. This photo is not exactly considered good but posting because I like her standing.

You can se she is soaking wet , it was pouring down rain at the time.

What does she smell? An elk ? Another bear?  She was on the hunt for elk babies. Lots around.

Lunch interupted

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4 Responses to Lunch Interupted in the Tetons

  1. T&S Torell says:

    very fun stuff, hoping all is well with you. Tim

  2. Richard Norsworthy says:

    Jan, this is wonderful photo. I am glad we got to see the event together. Hope all is going good at home.

  3. dweaverfs says:

    Fun, babies wish she’d sit back down so they could finish breakfast.

  4. KarenI'maGirlChen says:

    very cool shot!

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