#399 ready for love!

#399 is out and about sans cubs. Will she find a lover? Who can resist that face??? LOL!!! A young male has been seen near by. So exciting in the Tetons!

399 ready for love

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6 Responses to #399 ready for love!

  1. She’s a beauty alright!

  2. Mike Bunker says:

    I think she will find a lover. What male could resist that “au natural” lip gloss!


    Jan, Great photo!   I have only gotten a couple of brief ones of her.  Where are you staying? Richard

  4. dweaverfs says:

    Is she the one you had shots of last year with the babies? Nice shot!

  5. MeLisa says:

    As long as she is only hungry for love and not a tasty photographer!!

  6. Jim says:

    Needs a waxing…

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