Spring has sprung

Early by 6 weeks in these parts.  Here are a few snap shots of proof!

Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit

Tulip Tree

Tulip Tree


Lilac buds

Lilac buds

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8 Responses to Spring has sprung

  1. Karen says:

    First day of spring!

  2. Richard Norsworthy says:


    Very beautiful as with everything you post! We are heading back to the Tetons this Spring. Will you be there?

    Richard and Beverly

  3. Mike Bunker says:

    All very nice!

  4. HJ says:

    Bizarre that you are having flowers popping up, while we here on the East have nothing. Not a bud on a tree. Very sad. I feel like I have cabin fever.


    • Jan says:

      Yes, feel bad for the east coast folks. Looooonnng winter. And a bit worried about our west coast summer. Could be very hot and very dry. Lack of water.

  5. Mark says:

    We saw our first tree buds in NYC yesterday. Spring may actually be coming soon.

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