Friends help

So I stopped at Washoe State Park, Nv to use the facilities.  Decided to call a friend about something photo wize and he said he had just seen a couple of Bald Eagles near where I was a few days prior.  After we hung up I turned around and there they were. Thanks Tim!  Got a few photos of one sitting on rock but like this one of it flying.  To bad I cut off his wing tips.  Unfortunately it was middle of day and getting a good exposure and Bokah was difficult.  I could have shot at a faster speed to bring exposure down…..but in the moment, I wasn’t checking my LCD.   Lesson for you and me. LOL.   What the heck I will post anyway. Hope you are staying warm, and getting out into the snow if you are in USA.  I suspect Europe must be having some winter also. Be safe.

Bald Eagle


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9 Responses to Friends help

  1. Diane Weaver says:

    Great shot, incredible talons

  2. dweaverfs says:

    The first time I went to this post there was a video advertisement on your page. Not sure if you knew that.

    • Jan says:

      WordPress is now shoving advertisements into our free blogs. You have to pay for an advertisement free blog. I hope the video was something ok.

  3. says:

    Nice Jan. Glad u got the shot. Because of the really cold weather up north i suspect we’ll have a healthy eagle migration this year.

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  4. Tim Weishahn says:


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  5. Harvey-Jane says:

    Jan…even though the wing tips are cut off, it’s a really lovely shot. Nice going!

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