A bridge

_DSC2104 copy


Taken out the car window  and hanging on at the same time :^)

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7 Responses to A bridge

    • Jan says:

      Yes. Or in New Jersey headed to NY what do I know? All photos coming will be east coast unless otherwise mentioned.

      On Tue, Oct 22, 2013 at 5:15 PM, dawsonphotos

  1. Karen Chen says:

    Great shot!



  2. linda says:

    Nice shot. Glad they didn’t see you take the shot! I almost got arrested just picking up my iphone to take a picture at the toll booth at the Verrazano Bridge in New York. 🙂 Pretty, Jan!

    Wait a minute! Are you in NJ or NY right now? What the heck? I’m here!

  3. Harvey-Jane says:

    OK follower of Jan’s blog. It’s true, the woman made it to New York and back and was not molested, arrested, or in any way maligned. And who protected her? Moi–a 5′ 2″ 124-pound New Yorker! There’s hope for her yet.


    Plus, she got a chance to take some nice pix.

    • Jan says:

      You may be small in statue big huge in taxi stopping!! You trained me well. Never feared even once. Well, maybe in the car driving! Lol!!

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