Her Home

Home Sweet Home

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10 Responses to Her Home

  1. George Krall says:

    She doesn’t look so happy!

  2. T&S Torell says:

    Very nice, gotta love the burrowing owls. You know my passion for the little guys. Attached is an image from last weekend.

  3. Harvey-Jane Kowal says:

    What’s that bird doing hanging in that dirt?

  4. Diane Weaver says:

    Owls are good to have around, especially the smaller ones that won’t eat your cats. She’s very cute. Love that big round face.

  5. Terri says:

    Keep your eyes out to see if there are any young! You can trap mice hanging around at the house and throw them in the area to feed it!

    • Jan says:

      The banks are full of barn owls. Looking for babies would be next year during season. I have watched them coming and going a bunch. Also a horned owl who keeps his eyes on those wood ducks chicks. :-(. Not sure how many have made it. Should be pretty big by now.

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