Seattle, Washington

My friend and I went up to Orcas Island Washington. Our last night was in downtown Seattle right next to Pikes Market.  This is a popular tourist market nowadays but still have several  fish venders and vegetables. The real buyers are there early morning and the tourist start arriving later.  Our room with a view was right over the market. Very handy for us who had only a few hours and no car.  Below is our view from the room and the roof top which was a lovely patio and inside the Pikes Market. Yes, those tulips were crazy color. Real life over saturation. We were totally enamored.

I didn’t straighten out the buildings, I hope it doesn’t bother any of you to badly!  What? No space needle? Figure there are a million photos of those. So I didn’t bother.

Wa Pikes MarketWa Pikes Room

Wa buildings Wa buildings2a Wa Pikes Flowers Wa Pikes Flowers2 Wa Pikes food Wa Salmon Wa shoes

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6 Responses to Seattle, Washington

  1. T&S Torell says:

    Ya gotta love the market

  2. Diane Weaver says:

    Great photos

  3. Karen Chen says:

    I want those slippers!!!!


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  4. Harvey-Jane says:

    Beautiful tulips…I want me some.


  5. Love the photos of the market. Such lovely vibrant flowers!

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