Bugging out

People use that term to get the heck out of town.  I just did that finally. Had to get away from the heat and smoke and work work work.  Drew a 6 hr radius vehicle drive and only places no heat and no smoke was the coast.  About the same time I get a phone call from friends saying they were going to Fort Bragg Ca did I want to join?  Heck yes! So off to MacKerricher State Park for some camping and R&R.  I try not to go to popular places over labor day, to many people. However I wanted to get out no matter what.

Every park in the area was plumb full including motels.  But the beaches were not so crowded to make walking dogs on leashes an issue. Weather was hot to foggy but warm even in the fog.

Ahhhhhh after a long drive my first view of the pacific ocean.

Where Navarro river greats the sea

No green flash, no clouds, boring….

Path to the moon

                                                         And the path to my camp

more later…