Another Blue Moon

I haven’t taken a photo in awhile. August has two full moons.    A Blue Moon month!        So grabbed the camera and took a few.  Wasn’t quite ready for the first photo. But managed to get that airplane! Cool.  Sky was really that color, dust, smoke, Reno lights all contribute to hue.  Shooting moon low in the sky is problematic with heat waves. Much crisper shots on colder nights or high in sky.  I think moon shots are much more interesting if shot half or quarter lit. They have shape and don’t appear so flat. Plus the shadows on the craters stand out more.  Yea, pretty standard moon photos, but this is all I got.  I will try to be more creative soon.

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1 Response to Another Blue Moon

  1. HJ says:

    These are lovely…what are you complaining about??

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