Yellow-Bellied Marmot, common in the Sierra mts.  3.5-11 pounds. Cute rodent,gets pretty round by fall, whistles to communicate warnings. Lives in burrows in the rocks.   Feeding them human food is terribly unhealthy for them, please don’t.            From Wikipedia: 

Marmots reproduce when about two years old, and may live up to an age of fifteen years. They reside in colonies of about ten to twenty individuals. Each male marmot digs a burrow soon after he wakes up from hibernation. He then starts looking for females, and by summer may have up to four female mates living with him. Litters usually average three to five offspring per female.[2] Marmots have a “harem-polygynous” mating system in which the male defends two or three mates at the same time.[2]

Yellow-bellied marmots are diurnal.[2] The marmot is also an omnivore, eating grass, leaves, flowers, fruit, grasshoppers, and bird eggs.

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3 Responses to Marmot

  1. Janice says:

    I have always loved the marmets. I think they are cute. I heard that they can be domesticated. So one time, years ago, outside of Silverton, Colorado, high in the Rockies, my Michael tried to bring me a marmet. He was working at a mine high in the mountains between Silverton and Telluride. One day, while he and his fellow miners were having lunch outside, he told them about my desire to have a marmet as a pet. They devised a trap consisting of a five-gallon drum and I don’t know what else. Anyway, they caught one, It was the meanest, nastiest, most pissed off marmet you ever met! They let her go. As they should. I guess you need to get them as babies…

  2. HJ says:

    LOVE these marmot pictures. In our travels we never seem to get lucky enough to see them. I hoping for sightings in Galcier.

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