Memorial weekend

How is the weekend going for everyone? Hope you are spending a moment to remember our veterans.                                                                                                                                        I used to be a majorette for a band who traveled and competed. Every memorial we went to the cemeteries, the band played music while we stood at attention then numerous speeches were made, guns went off, a few band members always fainted because it was so darn hot standing at perfect attention in the full sun wearing our dark uniforms. Then off to the picnic grounds for more music played, more speeches and finally we could relax and go swimming or eat.  Present day all I did was buy a poppy and support the vets.  Memorial weekend started off with an inch of snow. No fainting going on here! But my yard birds were out singing anyway, flowers struggling. 

My friends Kathleen and Jim Tigan  ( )                         ( you tube: raptoradven) gave a raptor flight show at a local animal rehab  called Animal Ark.  Snowy, cold, blustery, rainy day but they had a great show, much fun, kids just loved them. Lots of laughs and of course information about the birds.  a group of BD party girls were very enraptured with the owl eating a mouse. 

Tigan raptor show Animal Ark, Reno  every weekend


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